The Value of the Dollar: What’s Happened to Our Money?

We don’t have to tell you that something terrible has happened to our money. It’s evident anywhere you look. Remember back in the 80’s, when you could actually buy something for a quarter? Prices have gone up, and the value of the dollar has gone down. But why is that? And how has it affected […]

Teaching Self-Reliance: The Art of Letting Go

We most often associate self reliance with adults. We might think a person is self-reliant if they can take care of themselves, provide for their family, hold down a job or household, have sufficient food and supplies for an emergency, or just seem to generally have it together in life. But self-reliance is something that […]

How to Raise an Entrepreneur

A child cannot be forced or coerced to become an entrepreneur—they have to desire it and feel passionate about it. However, you can guide your kids toward an entrepreneurial future, and the earlier you start the better! Let them solve their own problems Yes, it’s hard to see them struggle and even harder to see […]