Honey, Inflation Shrunk the Food!

It’s not just your imagination… groceries are getting way more expensive. And as much as I hate to rain on the parade with a downer topic this lovely Friday afternoon, you’ve probably already noticed this! You don’t need me to tell you that prices for basic items like eggs, milk, vegetables and meat are higher […]

Psst… The Government Thinks Inflation is “Too Low”

I talk a lot about big government. Mostly, about how it takes advantage of people to grow its own power at our expense. In doing so, it makes our lives more difficult, drives up the cost of living, and takes away the very freedoms that the federal government was created to help protect. And while […]

26. What is Inflation?

Did you know that candy used to cost as little as a penny? Seeing a movie in a theaters used to cost as little as $5. But over time, costs have gone up. In this episode, Connor and Brittany discuss the “Creature from Jekyll Island” and why this ghastly creature is causing prices to go […]