479. Should We Defend Horrible Speech?

People seem way too eager these days to want to ban speech they think is hateful and offensive. It’s true, there are a lot of terrible things that are said, but even hateful and offensive speech should be defended and history has some great examples of why this is important.  

451. What is Counterspeech & How Does it Differ from Free Speech?

Should all free speech be allowed in all circumstances? Or are there some instances where some kinds of speech may be considered distasteful or vulgar? How do you combat these sorts of undesirable speech without limiting free speech? That’s where counterspeech comes in! Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Ronni: Hey Brittany. Brittany: Hi, Ronni. […]

450. What Is the Marketplace of Ideas?

We often talk about the free market here at Tuttle Twins, but how can the concept of free markets be applied to free speech? Does this marketplace of ideas/speech allow us to self-censor as needed?  

410. When Is Free Speech Not Protected?

Free speech is supposed to protect all of us from being punished for expressing ourselves. But according to the courts, there are some forms of speech not protected by the First Amendment. But are these courts right? Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Connor: Hey, Brittany. Brittany: Hi, Connor. Connor: So, you and I are […]

352. What Does Censorship Really Mean?

Are social media platforms like Twitter legally allowed to censor you? Or does “free speech” only apply to the government? Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Emma: Hi, Brittany. Brittany: Hi, Emma. Emma: So we just recorded an episode about how Elon Musk purchased Twitter, which is huge. We’re big fans of this happening. Because he is someone […]

74. What is Censorship?

For people to be truly free, they must live in a society that values free speech. All too often, governments suppress speech that is contrary to their ends in order to maintain control. But it’s not just governments. Lots of people use censorship to try and control the narrative instead of letting people freely voice […]

What is Free Speech? Podcast Ep 10

The First Amendment to the Constitution gives people the right to free speech. But what does “free speech” actually mean and are there any limits to that freedom? Free Speech: The right to express opinions or beliefs without the government telling you what you can and cannot say People to Know James Madison Thinks to […]