Oregon’s New Graduation Standards: A Red Flag For All

Oregon’s Declining Literacy and Math Standards

Have you been following this story out of Oregon? In a state where reading proficiency for graduating seniors is far below 50%, and math skills rank even lower, the social activists masquerading as education professionals have decided that the answer is to simply remove any graduation requirement for reading, writing, or math. What could go wrong?

The Bigger Picture: A Nationwide Educational Shift

But make no mistake, this is not an isolated misstep; it’s a bellwether for a concerning trend in our nation’s educational landscape. The shift away from essential academic skills in favor of identity and politics is a development that all parents should watch with vigilant eyes—because what happens in Oregon today could very well be knocking on the door of your child’s school tomorrow.

At the heart of the Tuttle Twins’ mission, and in every effort we spearhead at the Libertas Institute, lies the conviction that education should be about equipping kids with the tools they need to succeed in life. Reading and writing are not just school subjects; they are tied to the ability to think and reason, and are therefore the building blocks of independent thought and the bedrock of a free society.

Erosion of Educational Foundations

Yet, as we see in Oregon, there’s an unsettling trend where these cornerstones are being eroded in the name of political agendas. This policy, while cloaked in the language of equity and fairness, is part of a broader shift away from actual education and toward lowering the bar instead of teaching kids how to raise themselves up to higher ways of thinking and being.

It’s a scenario where politics supersedes pedagogy, and ideological conformity trumps the cultivation of intellect. And it isn’t going to go away anytime soon. The hard truth is that schools are increasingly becoming arenas for social experimentation, where the focus on identity often overshadows the universal need for literacy and numeracy. This is not equity. It’s an injustice to every child, depriving them of the very skills they need to navigate, shape, and understand the world around them, and their place in it.

The Power of Parental Responsibility in Education

Now is the time for parents to steer the ship. We have the power and the right to demand that education remains focused on education, and if it isn’t, we have the responsibility to take the measures necessary to do it right ourselves. We simply can’t stand by while the tides turn against the tried and true principles of hard work, merit-based reward, and personal responsibility.

The wild success of the Tuttle Twins books is a testament to the hunger that exists for real knowledge; for stories that teach, and for principles that guide.

The current education climate is a call to arms for concerned parents everywhere—a call to take up the cause of your child’s education with fervor—and our books are a great place to start. They are a doorway to a world where learning is treasured, where children are challenged, and where education is untainted by the whims of political popularity.

The Urgent Need to Empower Your Child’s Learning

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Together, we can ensure that our children’s education is anchored in knowledge, not swept away by the ever-changing currents of public opinion and political activism.

— Connor

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