Is Socialism Bad?

“Rob from the rich, give to the poor”… the famous mantra of a famous socialist, right?


Despite what Bernie Sanders and his gang of eat-the-rich lefties or McCarthyist protesters have tried to tell us about Robin Hood’s so-called communist creed, this classic character was actually a champion for individual rights and small government.

For starters, he lived independently in the woods with a band of “merry men,” bucking the traditional way of life for his time. He spent his days subverting and running from the government, not trying to make it bigger. If he was a socialist, he was the most ineffective socialist of all time!

And yes, he may have stolen from the rich… but who exactly were the rich? A little revisit to the original book, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, tells us Robin Hood’s enemies were actually government thugs. Namely, the infamous tax collector Sheriff Nottingham and the totalitarian Prince Richard.

These two storybook supervillains were hated in their community for plundering and taxing their citizens into destitution. It’s not exactly the best light to paint big government in… and certainly not an endorsement of it.

Of course, history reinforces the idea that unchecked government power is the ultimate villain.

Time and time again, when nations embrace the siren song of Marxism, wealth becomes concentrated among the powerful, corruption goes unchecked, and people suffer in unthinkable ways. This vicious cycle has cost over 100 million lives in the last 100 years.

The spread of socialism is a tragedy, not a fairytale.

So, how can you make sure your kids don’t get the wrong idea about everyone’s favorite man in tights?

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— Connor




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