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40. Who Is Ron Paul?

Congressman Dr. Ron Paul took the 2008 Presidential Election by storm, inspiring an entire movement of young people to get involved in politics. In fact, he’s one of the reasons Connor was inspired to write the Tuttle Twins series! In this episode, Connor and Brittany discuss the importance of Ron Paul and how he helped change U.S. politics.

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39. What is a Recession?

Sometimes our U.S. economy is strong, employment is high, and the people are happy and successful. But other times, our economy goes through a rough patch, often called a “recession.” But what causes the economy to struggle and is there anyway to avoid it?

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37. What Is Civil Asset Forfeiture?

Some people might not know this, but there is a practice known as “civil asset forfeiture” that actually allows police officers to take money and property from you without ever having to convict you of a crime in a court. How did this practice come to be and what can individuals like us do to change these laws and make sure that law enforcement doesn’t have too much power?

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36. What Is The Second Amendment?

In previous episodes, Connor and Brittany have talked about the Bill of Rights and how important it is to protecting us against governments that try to infringe on our rights. Today we talk about the Second Amendment included in the Bill of Rights, the right to bear arms.

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31. Without Government, Who Will Build the Roads?

Many people believe that without government, we wouldn’t have access to things that are usually classified as “public goods.” From libraries to roads, many like to use this argument to prove the government’s growing presence in our lives. But we are surrounded by examples of private companies and individuals providing the same services that governments have historically provided, only the private sector often does it much better.

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