All The Details:

Complete Badge Activity

Take your Tuttle Times magazine subscription to the next level each month by completing a monthly challenge activity!

  1. Complete the activity.

  2. Have your parent check your work and sign the tracker sheet.

  3. Display your badge on your monthly tracker. Cut out the badge from the back cover of your Tuttle Times issue or print them (monthly links below).

  4. Keep track of your completed monthly badges to earn cool Tuttle Twins prizes.

Track Badge Activity

Download, print out, and keep track of your earned monthly badges here! 

You can print either the color or b&w version, as well as either 6 or 12 months.

What Can I Earn?

Fill up your tracker sheet with badges and parent signatures, send us a picture, and earn some cool & exclusive Tuttle Twins goodies!

More details coming soon!

2023/2024 Badges:

August 2023 challenge badge