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Page 14: What Is DNA Privacy & Why Does It Matter?
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• The Wild West of the Internet
• How To: Be Safe Online
• The Latest Buzz: Utah’s Social Media Ban
• Then & Now: The Internet
• Challenge Badge Activity: WebQuests
• TWTWW podcast: What Is DNA Privacy & Why Does It Matter?
• Young Entrepreneur: Margaret’s Market


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What would life be like without computers or wifi or streaming services? What if there were no cars, smart phones, or home printers?  There have been so many improvements in technology, both online and offline, in just the last few generations. In this webquest, you will be researching some of these technological improvements and analyzing how they impact our modern lives.


In this Webquest, you will be researching how technology has evolved over time and how it has impacted society and the environment. You will choose one of the following areas of technology to research:

  • Music players (phonographs, radio, mp3 players, wireless headphones)
  • Motion pictures (television, film, cable, streaming services)
  • Land transportation (horse and buggy, railroads, cars, high speed rail)
  • Flight (airplanes, hot air balloons, rockets, spaceships)
  • Communication (letters, telegraphs, telephones, email, texting)
  • Internet (military network, free marketplace, music sharing, net neutrality)

You will choose one option to display your research:

  • Timeline of Events
  • Factual Poster
  • Drawing or Coloring Page (for younger readers)


  • Books (yours or borrowed from the library)
  • Online Articles (be sure to ok these with your parents first to make sure they are from reputable sources)
  • June 2023 Tuttle Times issue (if researching the topic of the Internet)


Option 1: TIMELINE
You can make the timeline on paper or if you enjoy doing work on the computer instead you can use TimeToast ( 

Your timeline should contain at least eight important events related to your topic and at least four pictures where appropriate.  

To create a TimeToast timeline:

  • Click Sign up
  • Choose the free Public plan
  • Create a username & password. 
  • When you sign in, you will be directed to your email to confirm.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Click on your dashboard to begin your timeline.
  • Begin adding events. Don’t forget to add pictures.

Click this link for Timetoast instructions on YouTube:  timetoast

Option 2: POSTER
Create a poster on a large piece of paper, or you may create a Google slide or PowerPoint if you prefer working on the computer. Your poster should include: 

  • 4 facts about specific technological advancements including dates, locations, and people (inventors). 
  • 2 advantages of these advancements. Consider how this has positively impacted human society and our environment.
  • 2 disadvantages of these advancements. Consider how this has negatively impacted human society and our environment.