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47. Without Government, Who Will Protect The Environment?

A lot of people blame capitalism for climate problems and think we need the government to protect our environment. In reality, the best defender the environment is the free market. And many young individuals are already using the market to protect the environment.       Links: Pessimist Archive Podcast The Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs A Dutch Teenager Had a Dream to Clean Up the World’s Oceans. 7 Years On, It’s Coming True Bison are back, and that benefits many other species on the Great Plains Terms: Urgency: The use of trigger words or scarcity tactics to increase your

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46. Is Failure A Bad Thing?

At some point in each of our lives, we will fail at something. Often, we see “failure” as a negative, but failure is an important part of success. Even the most successful people have had to fail before experiencing their greatest victory.

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45. Why Are Property Rights So Important?

Our country is founded on the belief that every single person has a right to life, liberty, and property. Today, Brittany and Connor discuss how property became a defining characteristic of free and independent people and why this is still so important today. Links: John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government  Declaration of Independence Text Magna Carta Libertas Research on Property Rights

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44. What is The Broken Window Fallacy

Every time an individual takes an action, there are consequences. Sometimes we can see the consequences of our actions immediately, like if we don’t tie our shoe and then trip and fall down. Other times, it’s more difficult to see the consequences of the things we do. Today we discuss what Frédéric Bastiat had to say about this phenomenon and how it leads many people astray. Books/Essays: That Which Is Seen, And That Which Is Not Seen Terms: Fallacy: A bad argument people make to justify their end goals.

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43. Does Anyone Know How to Make A Pizza?

On Today’s episode, author and YouTuber Julie Borowski comes on to talk to Brittany and Connor about her new book, “Nobody Knows How to Make A Pizza.” Books: Nobody Knows How to Make A Pizza Links: Liberty Junkies

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42. Controversial Classics

On this episode, Connor and Brittany discuss a list of books that are considered to be “controversial classics.” But why are these books considered “controversial” and why does that make it all the more important for individuals to read them? Books: Anthem  Civil Disobedience  Propoganda The Law  White Rose Society pamphlets  Animal Farm  “Uncle Eric” Series  Anatomy of the State by Murray Rothbard

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41. What’s Bitcoin?

Ever heard of Bitcoin? You’ve all probably held a dollar bill before, but what if “money” wasn’t a physical thing you could hold in your hand? What if it was digital and lived in computers and smartphones? Links: Life on Bitcoin

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40. Who Is Ron Paul?

Congressman Dr. Ron Paul took the 2008 Presidential Election by storm, inspiring an entire movement of young people to get involved in politics. In fact, he’s one of the reasons Connor was inspired to write the Tuttle Twins series! In this episode, Connor and Brittany discuss the importance of Ron Paul and how he helped change U.S. politics. Books: Books by Ron Paul  Links: From Freedom to Fascism  Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum  People  Aaron Russo

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39. What is a Recession?

Sometimes our U.S. economy is strong, employment is high, and the people are happy and successful. But other times, our economy goes through a rough patch, often called a “recession.” But what causes the economy to struggle and is there anyway to avoid it? Fear the Boom and the Bust Music Video

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38. What Is Taxation?

We’ve all probably heard the term taxation before from our adults, but what does it really mean and why does everyone seem to hate this word so much? Terms: Consent: to give permission for something to happen. Books: Civil Disobedience  Lessons from a Lemonade Stand

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