Choose Your Own Consequence Books

Our story books for teenagers (and pre-teens and young adults) feature a series of adventures where the readers control the story! With 33 total story endings between the four books, your kids will be able to observe the outcomes of different economic and political situations that Ethan and Emily—age 15 in this new book series—encounter and have to figure out.

The Tuttle Twins and the Days of Darkness

In an instant, the world for Ethan and Emily is shrouded in shadow. The Tuttle Twins and Days of Darkness takes you on an electrifying adventure where every decision can light the way or cast you further into chaos.

With the power gone and their parents a world away, the twins are thrust into an unlit path fraught with risks and revelations. Your choices propel them forward, each page a crossroads between safety and the unknown.

This book is more than just a story—it’s a series of critical choices where you’re in the driver’s seat. Days of Darkness isn’t just about what happens to Ethan and Emily—it’s about how you navigate the treacherous terrain where every option could mean survival or a step closer to an untimely end.

The clock is ticking in the darkness. Are you ready to guide the twins to the light, or will the days turn into an endless night? Get ready to make your mark in Days of Darkness—where your decisions determine your destiny.

4 possible endings; 475 pages of content!

The Tuttle Twins and the Hyperinflation Devastation

It’s the perfect vacation: the Tuttle twins have saved their money, planned things out thoroughly, and are ready to head off to South America to water ski, hike the jungles, and see some of the world’s oldest ruins. What could go wrong?

Nearly everything, as it turns out. But that’s for you to decide.

You’re in the driver seat of the story to determine what the consequences will be. Will you send Ethan and Emily to the ruins, know- ing that they are tough, smart, and well-prepared? Or will you keep them in the capital city so they remain connected with the outside world, just in case things go wrong? You make the decisions—and see the consequences unfold.

Along the way, you’ll learn about inflation, community, cryptocurrency, and some of the lengths people are willing to go in a Hyperinflation Devastation!

5 possible endings; 405 pages of content!

The Tuttle Twins and the Little Pink House

The Tuttle twins are off to visit Grandma’s quaint, pink house on the banks of the Monongahela river to celebrate Independence Day. There are parades and rope swings, and all the things that make a vacation grand.

But it’s not all fun and games. When a greedy corporation schemes to take over Grandma’s land and push her house into the river, can the twins stop it and come to her rescue? Can you help them?

Should the twins befriend the quirky, secretive editor of the local paper? Go searching for a river monster? Investigate the strange people north of town? Should they go it on their own, or get some new friends involved?

It’s all up to you—the zoning fights, the referendum, the ancient artifacts—and your decisions will guide the twins either to victory or defeat. Can you save the Little Pink House?

10 possible endings; 496 pages of content!

The Tuttle Twins and the Case of the Broken Window​

It’s a perfect day for a game of baseball, and the Tuttle twins are determined to finally beat the rival team from the neighborhood. The game-winning home run from Emily gets them what they want… along with a whole lot of trouble they could never have expected.

Can they figure out how to make things right with the owners of the broken window? What if they get help from you?

You’re there every step of the way as the twins face scheming salesmen, a fleet of bulldozers, and a city out of control. Will the twins face the police and an irate priest? Will they do what it takes to stop some new friends from losing their homes? What about the garden-gnome-come-to-life named Goofer?

They’re all here for you to meet, and no one can save the twins from the consequences of the broken window—no one but you.

9 possible endings; 279 pages of content! 

The Tuttle Twins and the Play for Power

Dennis Forde, Secretary of State, has died, and the Tuttle Twins are headed for the funeral. Little do they know the opportunities—for good and bad—that will come from this event. Aunt Cathy—Mom’s sister—worked for Forde and has a big decision to make. Will she try to replace him? A millionaire businessman wants to run for Senate. And both of them want to tap into that Tuttle Twins power.

Will they succeed? It’s your call.

Along the way, there are shark-fin car toppers, stolen campaign materials, music festivals, fundraising, spying, new friends—girl- friends?—and plenty of opportunities for Ethan and Emily to show off their skills. They’ll need all of them to successfully navigate one of their toughest challenges so far: the Race for the State.

Do they have what it takes to win? Do you?

9 possible endings; 359 pages of content!