416. Are Child Labor Laws Good or Bad?

Many people believe that it should be against the law for kids to work, but these types of laws actually deprive many people of important opportunities. Come learn why!  

412. Who Is Maria Montessori?

Maria Montessori was a big believer in creating an education method where children could have the freedom over their own education.  

411. Who Is Peter Gray?

Today, Connor and Brittany talk about Peter Gray, the author of “Free to Play,” a book that talks about the importance of letting kids learn through play.  

410. When Is Free Speech Not Protected?

Free speech is supposed to protect all of us from being punished for expressing ourselves. But according to the courts, there are some forms of speech not protected by the First Amendment. But are these courts right?  

409. Why Does Poverty Exist?

There are lots of economists and politicians who think they understand the root cause of poverty, and most will blame it on the wealthy. But poverty is actually the natural state of man kind.  

408. How are Fractals an Example of Emergent Order?

Fractals are patterns in nature that can been seen in many places: nature, plants, trees, rivers, even within our own bodies! Ronni and Brittany talk about how fractals and fractal systems in society can be seen as examples of emergent, or spontaneous, order.