397. Can Presidents Just Cancel Student Loan Debt?

President Biden just forgave thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Student loan debt is a huge problem, but our Constitution doesn’t give him the authority to do something like this without Congress being involved. Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Brittany: Hi, Connor. Connor: Hey, Brittany. Brittany: So, President Biden and his administration recently, […]

354. Is Cancelling Debt A Good Idea?

Student loan debt is a huge problem in this country that impacting a lot of people. But should people who took out these loans be forgiven? Or should they have to pay them back like they promised? Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Emma: Hi, Brittany. Brittany: Hi, Emma. Emma: Today I want to talk about something that […]

56. Should You Take Out Student Loans to Pay for College?

College is an expensive investment. So expensive, in fact, that a lot of young people often take out student loans to pay for their education. But student loans come with a lot of problems that negatively impact a student’s future, the economy, and the cost of tuition. Books: Skip College: Launch Your Career Without Debt, […]