Turns Out, Twitter Socialists Really Hate the Tuttle Twins

A few months ago, the Tuttle Twins team filmed a new social media ad. In it, a young boy in a soviet-esque fur hat spits communist talking points in a fake Russian accent. His mother bemoans the indoctrination of kids with far-left ideology and talks about how great the Tuttle Twins books are at teaching […]

Why don’t we just cancel rent?

“Why don’t we just cancel everybody’s rent?” It’s an innocent enough question when it’s coming from a child. You may have even heard it from your own kids before. Combine a desire to help others with a lack of education on property rights and scarcity, and these types of questions are pretty much inevitable. The […]

113. Why Does Believing in Socialism Make You Miserable?

Socialism isn’t just a threat to individual liberty, it’s also a threat to people’s well being. In fact, the economist Ludwig von Mises believed that believing in socialism can actually make people miserable. Links: How Believing in Socialism Can Make You Miserable

Actually, Robin Hood Wasn’t a Socialist

“Rob from the rich, give to the poor”… the famous mantra of a famous socialist, right? Wrong. Despite what Bernie Sanders and his gang of eat-the-rich lefties or McCarthyist protesters have tried to tell us about Robin Hood’s so-called communist creed, this classic character was actually a champion for individual rights and small government. For starters, […]

91. Why Is F.A. Hayek So Important?

Who is F.A. Hayek? Tuttle Twins readers might remember him from the Road to Surfdom book, but why is he so important? Today, Connor and Brittany talk about this brilliant economist and why his legacy is so important to economic and individual liberty. Links: Keynes v Hayek: Two economic giants go head to head Road […]

6. What Are “Isms?”

Capitalism, Communism, Socialism … why is the world obsessed with identifying with “isms?” And what do these things mean? Key Terms  Individualism: Allowing individuals to make their own choices independent of what the “collectives” may want. Collectivism: Forcing individuals to act in a way that others have decided to be the “common good” to allegedly […]