Running Naked to the Finish Line

Trump conviction

In the last few years, the slur “conspiracy theorist” has evolved from a term of ridicule to a badge of honor. Yesterday’s Trump conviction proved the OG conspiracy theorist, Robert Welch, prophetic. In 1966, he said the conspirators would figuratively “run naked to the finish line to bridge the short gap between where they had […]

When I Say “Homemaker,” Act Like a Chicken

Years ago I was coaxed into attending a hypnosis comedy show. I had never experienced nor even been witness to hypnotism, and I wondered if it was even real. Not long into the act, the hypnotist invited the audience to participate in a group demonstration in which he would persuade us that our hands were […]

The Woke War on Family

It must be a slow-outrage week for the wokies because I recently found myself (once again) in the crosshairs of people who express moral outrage at the idea that parents should be proactive in teaching their children and guiding the way they develop their morals and values. I used to worry that critics were misunderstanding […]

What is Propaganda? Podcast Ep 52

For as long as there have been governments, those in power have been using media and art to manipulate the public into thinking or doing what they want. We often call this “propaganda.” On today’s episode, Brittany and Connor talk about what propaganda means and how individuals can learn to identify it in their everyday […]