In Their Perfect World, Parents Don’t Exist…

John Taylor Gatto, a renowned educator and author, once said, “The family is the main engine of education. If we use schooling to break children away from parents… we’re going to continue to have the horror show we have right now.” Horror show, indeed. Mr. Gatto passed away a couple of years ago, but his […]

Beyond Table Manners: Teaching Your Children the Fundamental Principles of Good Manners

Although many people associate good manners with proper table etiquette and saying please and thank you, good manners extend beyond these basic behaviors. In fact, manners are essential for promoting respect and harmony in social settings, including at home. The 3 Basic Principles of Good Manners There are three fundamental principles of good manners: respect, […]

Sittervising: The New Parenting Trend Promoting Independence and Self-Confidence

Are you a parent who feels overwhelmed by the constant need to monitor your child’s every move? Do you feel like your child’s success is a reflection of your own self-worth? It’s time to take a step back and embrace a new parenting trend called “Sittervising.” In this approach, parents supervise from a distance, allowing […]

Preparing for a Recession: A Guide for Families

Saving money during a recession can be a daunting task for families, especially with the added expenses that come with raising children. However, it is important to be mindful of your finances and look for ways to cut back on spending during these tough economic times. Here are a few tips to help parents save […]

Teaching Kids to Persevere in the Face of Adversity

Over the last several years, we have witnessed many people bravely rise above the challenges of business failures, unemployment, illness, and loss. It’s inspiring to see their persistence in the face of difficulties that have overwhelmed others. To become better people, we can learn from their examples and understand the traits that make some people […]

Unlock Your Child’s Potential With These Simple Tips

A parent’s role The role of a parent is to find what their child is passionate about and support them in it. This may change as they grow, but every bit of information you gain from watching and listening to your child will give you the tools you need to help them realize their full […]

356. Does It Take A Village to Raise A Child?

Who should be in charge of raising and teaching children? Parents, or the government? Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Brittany: Hey, Connor. Connor: Hey, Brittany. Brittany: So, I wanna ask you a question to start off this episode, and that is, who is in charge of raising your kids? Connor? Connor: Oh. Who is in charge? That’s hilarious. […]