How to Protect Your Kids from the Media Trap

How do we keep our kids from falling victim to the media trap? As parents, it’s our responsibility to not only provide for our kids but also to guide them in becoming informed and responsible adults. One important aspect of this is helping them navigate the world of news and information. In this digital age, […]

374. What Does the Story of the Emperor’s New Clothes Mean?

Ronni and Brittany talk about the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes and how this relates to the abilty to question what’s real in today’s world. Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Ronnie: Hey, Brittany. Brittany: Hi, Ronnie. Ronnie: So, today I kind of wanna tell a little story. Brittany: I love stories. In fact, we talk a lot […]

Conspiring Against Truth and Reason

I’m going to give you a quick warning. I send plenty of silly and lighthearted newsletters, but I’m about to get pretty real here today. Have you noticed that the strongest forces of our culture are actively conspiring against truth and reason? If you have children, you may have encountered this in the educational world. […]

5. Why Do People Hate The Rich?

Ever wonder why the rich are always portrayed as bad guys in the media? Is there something wrong with being rich, or do the books and movies have it wrong? Links Money Speech Atlas Shrugged People Elon Musk Jeff Bezos Ludwig von Mises   Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Connor: Hey Brittany. Brittany: […]