339. What Is A Vice?

Should people be criminally punished for behavior that may not be good for them, but that doesn’t hurt anyone else?

168. Who Was Lysander Spooner?

The government hates competition. But one man once dared to take on the United States Postal Service, creating a free market alternative… until he was shut down. Links: It’s Time to Privatize the United States Postal Service Lysander Spooner: The Anarchist Who Single-Handedly Took on the US Post Office Vices Are Not Crimes Lysander Spooner-Wikipedia

31. Without Government, Who Will Build the Roads?

Many people believe that without government, we wouldn’t have access to things that are usually classified as “public goods.” From libraries to roads, many like to use this argument to prove the government’s growing presence in our lives. But we are surrounded by examples of private companies and individuals providing the same services that governments […]