288. Why Are The European Covid Protests Important?

In Europe, the people are taking to the streets and protesting against Covid lockdowns. Europe may be across the globe, but Americans should be paying close attention. Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Emma: Hi, Brittany. Brittany: Hi, Emma. Emma: So there’s a lot going on around the world right now, and I know that it can be […]

81. What Did We Learn from 2020?

2020 is finally over! As we start the new year, now is the time to take stock of all the lessons this year has taught us.   Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Brittany: Hi, Connor. Connor: Hey, Brittany. Brittany: So as the new year begins and we say goodbye to the wretched 2020, I […]

2. Which is More Important, Liberty or Security?

We all want to be safe. But sometimes, people in power try to convince us that we need to trade our rights in order to feel safer. When our Founding Fathers wrote our Constitution, they did not intend for us to compromise liberty for security, so why do we let this happen today? Key Terms  […]