136. How Did McDonald’s Change The World?

When you think of McDonald’s you might think of the Big Mac or maybe a McFlurry, but there is more to this global fast food chain than meets the eye. Behind this businesses is a story of innovation and entrepreneurship that can be inspirational to each of us. Links: Training scene from “The Founder.”

125. Are Some Jobs Better than Others?

We are often made to think that some jobs hold more dignity than others. While it is true that some careers are more profitable than others, there is dignity to be found in hard work, no matter what your line of work might be. Links: Geoffrey Owens thought Trader Joe’s job-shaming moment was ‘going to […]

117. Why Are Capitalists Always the Villains?

Have you ever noticed how in many movies, the capitalists are always the bad guys? Why is the market always demonized while “socialism” and other “isms” are seen as virtuous? Definitions:  Sins of omission: A “sin” or bad action that occurs because you fail to do something or perform an action.  Example: Not forgiving a […]

63. How Do You Talk to People When You Disagree?

Nobody seems to be able to agree on much these days. And while it’s good to stay true to your principles and beliefs, it doesn’t mean you can’t still talk to people with whom you disagree. Quotes: “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.”― Frederick Douglass Terms: Decorum: […]