163. Who is Joe Gebbia?

The best entrepreneurs are those we dare to challenge the status quo. Airbnb cofounder Joe Gebbia took on the hotel industry by always asking the question, “how can I make this better?” Links: The Tuttle Twins Guide to Inspiring Entrepreneurs Airbnb’s Co-founder Has Been Innovating since He Was a Kid Here’s a transcript of our […]

161. Who Was Leonard Read?

If you’re a fan of the Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil, you might have heard of Leonard Read. Read not only wrote I, Pencil, the book that inspired the Tuttle Twins book, he also founded the Foundation for Economic Education. Links: Leonard Read, the Founder and Builder Leonard Read, the Man I, Pencil The […]

73. What is The Knowledge Problem?

Governments like to claim they know enough to be able to control and plan out entire economies. But with so many individual actors contributing to the economy, it is impossible for one central body to have enough information to make informed decisions. Economist F.A. Hayek explained this conundrum with what if called “the knowledge problem. […]

72. Is Health Care a Human Right?

Health care is one of the hottest topics in our country today. While American health care is in need of reform, many have tried to argue for a government takeover of the entire system. These people often justify this by claiming that health care is a human right. But what is a human right and […]