195. What Are Holidays?

We all love to celebrate a day off of work or school when a holiday comes around. But where do holidays come from? Today Brittany and Emma discuss the origins of holidays and the role governments play in their creation.

194. What Are Teacher Unions?

It’s taken schools a long time to reopen during and after the pandemic, even though children have not been as heavily impacted by COVID as adults. Why has this happened? Because of politically powerful groups called teacher unions. Links: FEE Teacher Union Archive

192. Who Was Murray Rothbard?

Murray Rothbard is one of the most important figures in Austrian Economics and the libertarian movement. Today Connor and Brittany dive into his biography and how he helped influence the modern liberty movement. Links: Conceived in Liberty Volumes 1-4 What Mises Said about Rothbard Anatomy of the State The Tuttle Twins and the Fate of […]

191. What Is A “Straw Man” Argument?

Continuing the discussion on logical fallacies, Brittany and Connor explain what the “straw man” is and how you can combat this tactic during a debate. Links:  The Tuttle Twins Guide to Logical Fallacies The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

190. Was Alexander Hamilton a Hero or Villain?

You’ve seen him on the ten dollar bill, you have also probably heard the soundtrack from the Broadway musical. All around us in pop culture Alexander Hamilton is praised as a hero. But when we look closely at what he has done, is he a hero or a villain of liberty? Links:  How Alexander Hamilton […]

189. Why Should You Care About Austrian Economics?

Today, Connor and Brittany are joined by Jeff Deist, the president of the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. They discuss Austrian economics, and why it’s so important to the concept of individual liberty and economic freedom. Links:  Mises Institute

188. How Do Statistics Work?

You’ve probably heard a lot of statistics thrown around in the last year with Covid. But statistics can be super misleading. In fact, they’re notorious for being twisted around by whoever is putting them together. Links:  How Statistics Can Be Misleading

187. What Is An “Appeal to Emotions?”

Logical fallacies are all around us. Building on a previous episode, Emma and Brittany talk about the “appeal to emotions” and how it can be used against you in a philosophical discussion or debate. Links: The Tuttle Twins Guide to Logical Fallacies  

186. What Does the “Candlestick Makers Petition” Teach Us?

Imagine a light company trying to sue the sun for stealing its jobs. Sounds ridiculous, but these types of protectionist complaints actually happen today in real life. In Frédéric Bastiat’s “Candlestick Makers Petition” he uses satire to explain protectionism. But his comical piece later turned into a reality when a landscaping labor union tried to […]