156. A Year of “The Way The World Works!”

Connor and Brittany share their favorite memories and episodes from the past year and discuss why this podcast is so important for families. Links: The Tuttle Twins and the Leviathan Crisis Feardom: How Politicians Exploit Your Emotions and What You Can Do to Stop Them The Tuttle Twins and the Golden Rule The Tuttle Twins […]

155. How Can Entrepreneurship Fight Poverty?

Today, Connor and Brittany welcome Magatte Wade to the show, an incredible entrepreneur who is using the market to fight African poverty. Links:  Made in Mékhé How One Entrepreneur Is Waging War on Poverty in Africa The Solution to Poverty Is Opportunity, Not Charity

154. Who Was John D. Rockefeller?

John D. Rockefeller has a lot to teach us about self-control, focus, and work ethic that he later applied in life to show the world what can be accomplished with purpose, vision, planning, and execution. Links: The Tuttle Twins Guide to Inspiring Entrepreneurs

153. What Do You Know About the Great Chicken Sandwich War of 2019?

Brand wars are an exciting demonstration of the market in action. In 2019, Popeyes and Chick-fil-A battled over who had the best chicken sandwich. As a result, consumers were the winners by having more delicious options at their disposal. Links: A Brief History of The Chicken Sandwich Wars

3 Lessons I’ve Learned From Kid Entrepreneurs

If you have children in your life, you already know that we adults can learn a lot from them. Sometimes, kids teach us to have a sense of humor… other times, a sense of patience. But kids teaching business sense to grown adults? Actually, you’d be surprised. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet hundreds of […]

152. Who Were Sophie and Hans Scholl?

Heroes come in all ages. The Scholl siblings were just college students when they took on the Third Reich and stood up to the Nazis with their powerful words. Links:  Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (Full Film) Tuttle Twins Guide to Courageous Heroes

151. Who Is Richard Branson?

We love a good risk-taking, rugged, entrepreneur, and Richard Branson is exactly that. Today Connor and Brittany tell the story of Branson’s many entrepreneurial ventures and how he has revolutionized every industry he’s ever worked in. Links: How Richard Branson’s Adventure Capitalism Disrupted the Music and Airline Industries

Psst… The Government Thinks Inflation is “Too Low”

I talk a lot about big government. Mostly, about how it takes advantage of people to grow its own power at our expense. In doing so, it makes our lives more difficult, drives up the cost of living, and takes away the very freedoms that the federal government was created to help protect. And while […]

150. Why Are People Scared of Innovation?

People have been scared of technological innovation since machines first came around during the Industrial Revolution. But why this fear of tech? And are any of these fears reasonable? Links: The “Curse” of Labor-Saving Machinery Is Nothing New The Curse of Machinery- Henry Hazlitt