401. Why Shouldn’t You Compare Yourself to Others?

We should all be growing and improving every single day to be the best versions of ourselves. But sometimes we get caught up comparing ourselves to other people and their success instead of worrying about ourselves.  

338. Why Is It So Important to be A Good Listener?

All too often, we like to hear ourselves speak and forget that the other person in the conversation might have something meaningful to say. Jordan Peterson tells us that when we have conversations, we should always assume that the other person knows something we don’t, and this is excellent advice.

77. What Is The First Step To Changing the World?

Changing the world is a task unfit for the faint of heart. But before we can embark on a challenge this great, we have to make sure that we start small, improving and organizing our own lives before we try to enact change on a grander scale. Links: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to […]