450. What Is the Marketplace of Ideas?

We often talk about the free market here at Tuttle Twins, but how can the concept of free markets be applied to free speech? Does this marketplace of ideas/speech allow us to self-censor as needed?  

What is Causing the Global Supply Chain Crisis

It’s the middle of a supply chain crisis, money printing is pushing prices up, and suddenly industrial accidents at food processing plants are making headlines. It makes you wonder… Are the elite keeping us from having rotten tomatoes so we can’t throw any at them? After two years of incentivizing people to stay home, what’s […]

24. Without the Government, Who Would Take Care of People?

There is a common belief that people need government to take care of the less fortunate. Some even argue that without government, or with limited government, people would not be able to get the help they receive. But the free market is full of examples of private charities and communities coming together to help those […]

4. Netflix and Hulu, Coke and Pepsi… Why Is There So Much Market Competition?

Have you ever noticed how many choices we have when it comes to the products we can buy? Pepsi or Coke? McDonalds or Burger King? When companies fight for our business, consumers like you and me win by having more options available to us. Links Business Wars Podcast  Key Terms  Monopoly: A business that does […]

3. Do Too Many Government Rules Harm People?

Some rules help to keep us safe. But sometimes, people in powerful get carried away and make too many rules, restricting our behavior and prohibiting us from doing simple things like opening a neighborhood lemonade stand or even limiting which businesses are allowed to operate. Links Build a Sandcastle, Get Fined $500, and Maybe Go […]