277. Are You A Domestic Terrorist?

Imagine your own country labeling you a domestic terrorist because you didn’t think the way they wanted you to. Unfortunately, that’s already happening! Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Connor: Hey, Brittany. Brittany: Hi, Connor. Connor: So I have a provocative question for you. Brittany: Oh, okay. Connor: Are you a terrorist? Brittany: What like, someone who uses violence against people […]

268. Who’s In Charge of What We Learn in Public School?

Right now, there is a battle going on between government teachers who think they should decide what children should be taught in schools. But kids do not belong to the government, and only families can make this decision. Food pyramid episode  Education Vacation Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Brittany: Hi, Emma. Emma: Hi, Brittany. Brittany: So, right […]

The Plot to Push Parents Out of Education

Chances are, you’ve already heard about the 1619 Project. If not, a brief refresher… Created by Nikole Hannah-Jones, an activist and New York Times columnist, the project is a series of essays aiming to reframe America through the lens of race. With the help of the media and academic elite, it is a concerted effort […]

177. What Is Critical Race Theory?

Should a person be judged by the content of their character, or the color of their skin? Our country was founded in the belief that all men are created equal, but there are new(ish) ideologies that threaten this belief and seek to have be judged solely on their ethnicity. Links: What Is Critical Race Theory? […]

Critical Race Theory, Cuba, and “Equality” Scams

In many chapters of human history, race is an important factor to consider. But if we become hell-bent on examining every shred of history through the lens of skin color, facts are bound to be badly mangled. This was proven true recently, with audio unearthed of the 1619 Project and critical race theory architect Nikole […]