208. Can A Company Survive Creative Destruction?

Continuing an earlier discussion about creative destruction, today Brittany and Connor talk about innovation and how it can help an outdated product or company stay afloat when others have collapsed. Link: The Last Blockbuster  Who Killed The Electric Car? Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Brittany: Hi, Connor. Connor: Hey, Brittany. Brittany: So each of our episodes are […]

193. What Are Some Modern Examples of Creative Destruction?

Creative destruction is an important aspect of economics, as Connor and Brittany discussed in a previous episode. Today, Emma and Brittany give modern examples of creative destruction in action. Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Brittany: Hi, Emma. Emma: Hi, Brittany. Brittany: So, in an older episode with Connor, he and I talked about this economic concept called […]

67. What Is Creative Destruction?

Sometimes the old ways of doing things have to be destroyed to make way for new and better ways. We see this all the time in our economy when innovation replaces outdated practices. This “creative destruction,” as it is often referred, is what helps fill our world with an endless variety of goods and services […]