332. Who Killed The Economy? Part II

In part two of our discussion on the struggling economy, we discuss how inflation and government’s manipulation of the money supply is harming our financial well-being.

313. Why Did We Even Lockdown for Covid?

For two years we were told we needed to lockdown to lessen the impacts of Covid. Now, a new study from a very important university shows that the lockdowns did almost nothing to keep us safe.

307. Who Controls Our Information?

We are bombarded with so much information these days. And even though the internet allows us to get a lot of different perspectives, there is a small group of people who have decided which information is “correct.”

283. Should We Be Scared of Covid Variants?

We are two years into the pandemic and there seems to be a new variant every few months. Should we be scared of these new variants? And what can we do if the government tries to use these new strains to lock us down again?

276. What Does It Mean To “Follow The Science?”

The government loves to tell us that it is our duty to “follow the science” when it comes to things like covid. But when the government is in charge of the meaning of “science” they form a monopoly over information.

261. What’s Going on In Australia

For as bas as the US lockdowns have been, Australia has taken quarantine to extreme levels, monitoring their people and not letting them out of their homes.