207. Do You Need to Go to College?

Today Connor and Brittany are joined by Cameron Sorsby, the CEO of Praxis, to discuss whether college is necessary for everyone. Links: Praxis Skip College: Launch Your Career Without Debt, Distractions, Or a Degree Here’s a transcript of our conversation: Connor: Hey, Brittany. Brittany: Hi, Connor. Connor: So, college. Whether to go or not, and I feel […]

56. Should You Take Out Student Loans to Pay for College?

College is an expensive investment. So expensive, in fact, that a lot of young people often take out student loans to pay for their education. But student loans come with a lot of problems that negatively impact a student’s future, the economy, and the cost of tuition. Books: Skip College: Launch Your Career Without Debt, […]

13. Do I Have to Go to College to be Successful?

So many grownups are always telling kids they need to go to college in order to be successful adults. But what if college isn’t the right path for everyone? And maybe there are other ways to become successful adults. Links Skip College  Praxis John Taylor Gatto   This is the transcript of our conversation: Brittany: […]