548. Is Bitcoin Dead?

Cryptocurrency used to be one of the hottest topics. But it’s not talked about so much anymore. Is there a reason for this? Is Bitcoin still important?  

185. Can You Use Bitcoin As Money?

Today, Brittany and Connor sit down and talk with Austin Craig from the documentary, “Life on Bitcoin.” Austin will explain how he was able to live off this crypto currency for several months and the obstacles he faced along the way. Links: Life on Bitcoin  Bіtсоіn Standard: Beginners Guide. 2021 Beginner’s Guide. Everything You Need […]

164. Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

You may have heard of Bitcoin and Blockchain, but have you ever heard of the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto? Today Brittany and Emma talk about the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, who walked away from the project as soon as it was born. Links:  Who is the secretive Bitcoin billionaire who invented Bitcoin? Unveiling Satoshi Nakamoto Here’s […]

41. What’s Bitcoin?

Ever heard of Bitcoin? You’ve all probably held a dollar bill before, but what if “money” wasn’t a physical thing you could hold in your hand? What if it was digital and lived in computers and smartphones? Links: Life on Bitcoin   Here is the transcript of our conversation:   Brittany: Hi Connor. Connor: Hey […]