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The Tuttle Twins and the Days of Darkness

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4 possible endings; 475 pages of content!

In an instant, the world for Ethan and Emily is shrouded in shadow. The Tuttle Twins and the Days of Darkness takes you on an electrifying adventure where every decision can light the way or cast you further into chaos.

With the power gone and their parents a world away, the twins are thrust into an unlit path fraught with risks and revelations. Your choices propel them forward, each page a crossroads between safety and the unknown.

This book is more than just a story—it’s a series of critical choices where you’re in the driver’s seat. Days of Darkness isn’t just about what happens to Ethan and Emily—it’s about how you navigate the treacherous terrain where every option could mean survival or a step closer to an untimely end.

The clock is ticking in the darkness. Are you ready to guide the twins to the light, or will the days turn into an endless night? Get ready to make your mark in Days of Darkness—where your decisions determine your destiny.

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