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Teen Book Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  • Our illustrated, hardback series of books for pre-teens and teenagers (and adults!) introduce all kinds of important topics: critical thinking, logic, entrepreneurship, hard work, standing up for what is right, and much more! A whopping 1069 pages of content.
  • Patterned after the popular “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, our fiction books have 33 story endings in four different books, for a total 1,539 pages of fun stories that teach your kids the consequences of various political, financial, and ethical decisions as the teen Tuttle twins embark on a variety of adventures!
  • As an exclusive bonus, you’ll also receive copies of two of Connor’s other books for teens: How to Not Suck at Life: 89 Tips for Teens and Lessons from a Lemonade Stand: An Unconventional Guide to Government.

See here for a description of each book.

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