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Fundraiser Pack

$500.00 $250.00

Eager to earn some money? How about doing it while helping your family, friends, and neighbors learn about liberty?

Sign up for the Tuttle Twins fundraiser to earn $5 for every book sold! Here are the details:

The cost is $250 for a pack of 50 books (five of each book). This works out to $5 per book. You or your child sells them for $10 each, earning $5 per copy. We will pay to ship the books to you (use coupon USPS at checkout).

To incentivize others to buy the books, you or your child can offer the customer a free activity workbook for each of the books they buy. Simply write down their email address and pass it along to us—we will then email the person the PDF workbook to download.

There is no return option—so by ordering the 50 books, you are incentivizing you or your child to sell them all! When they are sold, simply come back to this page to place another order of discounted books!

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Dimensions6 × 9 × 9 in