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Free Market Rules Economic Curriculum (Units 21-30)


Our award-winning economic curriculum helps children of all ages learn about the free market. This purchase of Units 21-30 contains the final series of 10 units in the program, each of which has 4 lessons. So you’ll get the last series of 40 lessons, each of which contains:

  • Quick introductory content for parents to get up to speed on that week’s concept
  • Lesson or activity for young children
  • Lesson or activity for older children
  • Discussion prompts for the entire family
  • “Go deeper” material for those who want to learn even more

Each 4-week unit centers around a specific question. Here are the topics for Units 21-30:

  1. What can central banks do to our money?
  2. How do boom and bust cycles actually work?
  3. How does a business work?
  4. What is a monopoly?
  5. What are taxes?
  6. How do people from different countries trade?
  7. How do people invest their money?
  8. How do people make political decisions?
  9. What’s the best economic system?
  10. How can we use economics?

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