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Easter Sale – All 6 Toddler Books, Plus a Free $19.99 Value Bonus

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Nurture your little one’s intellectual growth with our special Easter sale!

Get all toddler books in this special easter bundle!

You’re never too young to learn the basic ideas of freedom—and our toddler books prove that fact! These extremely cute (and highly educational) board books cover several ideas: innovation, economics, liberty, the Bill of Rights and the American Revolution.

Number books walk through the numbers 1-10 to introduce new words and their definitions. Alphabet books walk through each letter of the alphabet to introduce new words and their definitions. All books include cute illustrations for every letter or number!

Plus, you’ll also receive a a copy of Tuttle Rebuttals: 40 Responses to Popular Political and Economic Myths (PDF)
This 115-page e-book contains rebuttals to 20 economic myths and 20 political myths. With each one, we offer a simple analysis of why the particular myth is wrong.


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