65. We published three new guidebooks!

Connor shares some quick info about three new non-fiction guidebooks we created, and they’re now for sale!


Here’s a transcript of our conversation:


Connor: Well, hello everyone. This is Connor Flying Solo. My first solo episode. I wanted to chime in really quick for a brief episode to talk to you about something super exciting. This has been in the works for at least two years, that we’ve been working on some new books that are now available for purchase. Super exciting. I am really excited about it. So these are, we’re calling them guidebooks. These are hardback books. They are, for preteens, teenagers, and certainly all the adults as well. And this is for people to learn all kinds of fun information. So I wanna talk about, each of the three books that we’re producing and why you and your family definitely need to get these books. So, on the previous episode, we talked about what is a logical fallacy. The funny thing is we recorded that oh, two months ago, from the time when I’m now recording this. And so I’m trying to remember what we said, I think in that episode, and you’ll remember better than me cuz you just listened to it recently, I think I might have teased in there that we were working on something, and it’s kind of funny that just the way our schedule fell, that this particular episode is coming right after that one, even though that one was recorded two months ago because I guess we timed it well. Talking about logical fallacies, one of our books is The TuttleTwins Guide to Logical Fallacies. We walked through about, I think two dozen or something like that, maybe 20 ish different logical fallacies. Each chapter tackles a different one. We give simple examples. We give all kinds of, you know, stories to help explain how these logical fall fallacies work to help kids better understand critical thinking, better understand how to debate and argue, not, to be argumentative, but how to construct arguments, right? So be careful parents, your kids are gonna really level up when they read this kind of stuff and be able to have some, fun conversations. So the TuttleTwins Guide to Logical Fallacies, this is a meaty book that this is gonna be a great way to learn a bunch of compelling information. And we got some really fun drawings in there. Elijah had a ball and did an amazing job creating the illustrations that demonstrate each of these logical fallacies and just help you visualize what these mean. Cause for a lot of people, especially adults or even adults, this can be kind of confusing stuff to understand all these logical fallacies Elijah’s illustrations really help visualize how they work. And then we got some simple stories that help explain it as well. SoTuttleTwins Guide to Logical Fallacies, that is the first of three books. I’ll point out really quick that you can, find these books, TuttleTwins.com/guide GUIDE I’m driving e or you can always go to TuttleTwins.com/products and you can see all the different products that we have available, including the guidebooks. So that’s book number one. Book number two, the TuttleTwins Guide to Inspiring Entrepreneurs. And so this is a fun book that talks about, shares. Each chapter is a different story of a different entrepreneur, what they went through in their life, how they overcame challenges, how they became a successful entrepreneur, what we can learn from them, right? And the fun thing here is that learning a lot of these stories, we can get ideas ourselves about how we can improve, how we can be entrepreneurial, how we can better serve other people and work in the market to create wealth for ourselves while benefiting the lives of other people. And so, TuttleTwins Guide to Inspiring Entrepreneurs walks you through all kinds of these stories to get some fun ideas, learn about some people that you’ve heard of before, and some people you haven’t, to kind of see what they had to go through. And it’s kind of a good example for us that, you know, overcoming adversity and trying again and failing and failing and failing before you then succeed, right? A lot of these things are great lessons for young people and adults to learn and, and embrace and understand as well. So, TuttleTwins Guide to Inspiring Entrepreneurs. The third of three guidebooks that we’ve come out with is The Total Twins Guide to Courageous Heroes. And I’m excited about this one. I am really excited about this one, right? This is, these are people who stood up for what was right, who practiced civil disobedience in some cases, who championed, you know, truth when everyone else was spreading lies. Like some really fascinating and, heart-wrenching and inspiring and motivating stories that we can learn from, right? So that if we are ever called to stand up for what is right, if we’re ever in a circumstance where we have to make a difficult decision, right? These stories are inspiring, they’re motivational, and they help us see that other people did this, so I can do it too. And maybe we’ll never be in these high-stakes circumstances, but we can model our lives in a way where we’re always trying even the little things to choose what is right, to make good decisions, to champion truth, to reject bad ideas and wrong things, even if they’re popularly supported. And so, TuttleTwins Guide to Courageous Heroes has some amazing stories in there. again, some that you’ll be familiar with and a lot that you won’t. and so a fantastic book, for younger people to read, for adults to read as well. So that is the third of three guidebooks that we have now available. Sorry, I keep you on and I woke up very early this morning, as you may be able to tell. And, so these are our new guidebooks a totally new format. The TuttleTwins in these books are kind of, you know, teenage just like the Choose Your Consequence books. This is a different format. It’s their hardback, that we decided to do for these. And so, you know, the day you’re listening to these, there’s another yawn. There’s my 43rd young the day that you’re listening to this podcast episode, these books are now available. So right now, you can head to TuttleTwins.com slash guide. I will point out, for those of you listening to this podcast, the day it’s released or the day after it’s released, you can, you know, get the books directly if you want, but, these books will be part of this year’s Black Friday deal that you’ll be, seeing and hearing about later this week. And so if you’re looking for a deal, there’s number 44. I shouldn’t do podcasts when I’m tired. I just learned my lesson. if you’re looking to get these new guidebooks, but also pick up a screaming deal with a whole bunch of other stuff, you might wanna wait a little bit for that Black Friday deal. If you’re listening to this podcast after Black Friday, after Cyber Monday, no worries. Just head to Tuttletwins.com/guide or you can find it on the product listing Tuttletwins.com/products. And, see, learn more about the books so you can see kinda a description. You can see what they look like and if it’s a fit for your family. We have been working at this you on number 45. I’m setting a record here, you guys. Wow. we’ve been working at this for like two years. we’ve been working very hard putting all this together, chipping away at it, and we’ve had some great help along the way to be able to do that. And, I’m really excited to now make these available to you. So we’ll wrap it up there, guys. Tuttletwins.com/guide. Make sure you grab ’em. We are very excited to make these available to you. And I know a lot of you basically buy everything that we put out there. And so here’s a new opportunity to pick up some new products. get a lot of great content for kids to learn. We think you’re gonna love ’em. We would love your feedback. Tell us what you think. Tell us what you’re learning. We always appreciate you reaching out, tagging us on social media, and sharing the books with others, because that’s our goal, right? We’re trying to help a lot of other people learn this stuff as well. And, spread the word so that even more families can have access to these ideas. So check out the guidebooks. We’re very excited. We hope you guys sign ’em. and, make sure to listen to the next episode about Thanksgiving. It’s gonna be a fun one.happy Thanksgiving and, as we head into the holidays, hopefully, we can start to put a lot of this 2020 crazy behind us. We’ll see. But, hope you guys have a great holiday with your family and we will talk to you later.


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