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Thomas Sowell and the Tuttle Twins

Thomas Sowell x Tuttle Twins

Happy Wednesday! I heard a song this morning that took me straight back to freshman year. It’s crazy how that happens—one minute you’re just driving along in your grown-up brain, and with just a few chords you’re snatched up and dropped right into a totally different place and time. What a trip. I often compare the experiences our kids have today to the experiences we had growing up, and usually those comparisons focus on things like better movies, better music, and the freedom to spend the whole summer riding around the neighborhood on our bikes with zero parental oversight. But not all memories from those days are good. Some of them still sting a bit. Do you remember what it felt like as a kid to have to try out for sports, or a club, knowing that there was a real possibility you wouldn’t be selected? Can you still taste

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