484. What Gives You Hope?

Many people have a gloomy outlook on the future of the world. But are things really that bad? Or are there reasons to be hopeful?


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The Politicians Aren’t Coming to Save You

So Biden isn’t seeking re-election. Color me shocked. And although the news of his decision to ride off into the sunset come January isn’t surprising (not many things that politicians and pundits do surprise me these days), I was a little surprised by just how emotionally attached to Biden a lot of his supporters seem to be. I spent a few minutes scrolling through a hundred or so of the thousands of comments on his tweet announcing he wouldn’t seek reelection and sharing his support for Kamala Harris. The responses were a roller coaster of emotions. People were really in their feelings. Many Democrats were literally in tears, pledging to “vote blue” no matter what, and Trump supporters were equally fervent—pouring their hearts out in staunch support for their candidate. Seeing this intense emotional investment in political figures got me thinking about where we place our hopes and dreams. It seems

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