375. How Do We Save Kids From Public Schools?

Today, Connor and Brittany speak with Rebecca Powers, who runs Live Free Academy. She’ll talk to us about the importance of creating education alternatives to public school.

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Student Loan “Forgiveness” is a Ponzi Scheme

Since taking the White House, Joe Biden has done absolutely nothing to make good on his campaign promise to “forgive all undergraduate student loan debt.” That is… until last week. With much fanfare, Biden announced the “cancellation” of 300 billion dollars in loans. I’m sure that this timing is a total coincidence and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that midterms are in 10 weeks. Not to mention that his pause on loan payments just happens to expire right after the midterms end. But I’m sure that this funny timing is all a *complete* matter of chance. Our President has just been really busy doing… uh, Presidential stuff. Like spending all our money and ammunition on foreign wars. And telling gun owners they don’t stand a chance against his F-15s. And inventing entirely new words.  While we’re recapping federal government activity, remember when Nancy Pelosi said back in

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