292. How Can Kids Practice Responsibility?

Self-responsibility is one of the most important elements of building a free society.

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Insult, Injury, and $40 Billion for Ukraine

In case you haven’t heard, America is sending $40 billion in foreign aid to none other than Ukraine. If you’re thinking, “wait, didn’t we just send them $13 billion earlier this year?” you would be correct… In case you haven’t noticed, our government kind of has a thing for spending money on other people’s wars. Over the last week, this aid package has been hailed as a bi-partisan triumph. And as with most bi-partisan bills from our government, this one does absolutely nothing to help the average family in America. Not that the average family is having a rough go or anything… It’s just that, compared to last year, monthly expenses are up over $400 on average per household. And every gallon of gas costs about a dollar more. And the FDA’s bureaucracy has caused a crisis-level formula shortage, leaving thousands of mothers unable to feed their babies. I could

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