286. Do We Need Safe Spaces?

These days, many people think we need to protect people, especially kids and young people, from anything unpleasant, or any point of view with which they disagree.

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Thoughts From My Education Vacation in Europe

I’m on a flight back from Europe and have something to get off my chest. I went to Amsterdam, then Germany for a few days—right on the border with Switzerland. I spent a day in Zurich and am heading home. It was my first time in the area. I was invited by one of our donors who operates out of Switzerland, and was able to visit with many other freedom fighters around the world attending the same event. And before I left, I had a special opportunity to visit with our German team who translates and sells the books in that country. Zuzana and her son Raphael now operate what their husband/father previously did. Enno was my Germany partner for a few years, but he unexpectedly passed away just a few weeks ago. They are going to continue the work in his honor. Here’s me with a few of their

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