196. What is Self-Reliance?

Practicing self-reliance in our own lives and in our communities is one of the most important ways we can strive for liberty. If we are going to prove that we don’t need big government, we need to prove that we can come together as individuals and help each other out and practice self-reliance.


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Empty Shelves and Atlas Shrugged

For the past two years, the American government has spent most of its energy (and a lot of your money) convincing us that leaving our homes is a heinous act of selfishness. And between the press conference fear-mongering, each new iteration of “fifteen days to slow the spread,” extended school shutdowns, and threats to take away Christmas dinner… they’ve successfully conned a lot of people into believing their lie. For many, the consequences of this lie were felt rapidly. Small businesses were devastated by initial lockdowns, with an estimated one-third closing permanently after shuttering in in the spring of 2020. Test scores in schools dropped off at an alarming rate. Youth literacy declined. Suicide rates and depression diagnoses climbed at a heartbreaking rate. And yet, the world ticked on in its best attempt at a “new normal” in spite of these ill-fated controls. Those with the privilege of a remote-capable job joked about

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