186. What Does the “Candlestick Makers Petition” Teach Us?

Imagine a light company trying to sue the sun for stealing its jobs. Sounds ridiculous, but these types of protectionist complaints actually happen today in real life. In Frédéric Bastiat’s “Candlestick Makers Petition” he uses satire to explain protectionism. But his comical piece later turned into a reality when a landscaping labor union tried to sue goats for stealing their jobs.


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The Federal Government is Dumbing Us Down

I was thinking earlier about how easy it is to think that things have simply always been the way they are now. For example, my kids have never known travel without long security lines, having to take off their shoes and jackets, and witnessing their parents occasionally groped by power-tripping TSA goons. They can’t imagine the days that represented most of my life where you would walk your loved one all the way to their gate, watch them board, and wave as their plane pushed back from the jetway and taxied off. Or how about the generation of kids growing up thinking that masks are a normal part of life, or that grocery store workers have always been encapsulated in plexiglass? Or that someone can be fired for choosing not to undergo a particular medical procedure? The way things are tend to make us forget that all of these practices

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