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John G.

“While these books are meant for ‘young adults’, I found them excellent. And I am decades from that group.

Well written, quick reads, they are ‘educational’ and fun. The Entrepreneurs and Heroes series are especially inspirational!

Needless to say, these books are the ‘real McCoy’!”

Ken S.

“A primer on critical thinking! I bought this book to read to my daughter to teach her how to think critically, since that is something schools do not teach in today’s world any more. Not only does this book meet my expectations, it exceeds them notably. I’d actually think this should be mandatory reading in schools around the world. Too much propaganda exists in the world today, and this book can help you see through the fog of deception when wanting to understand the truth of almost anything.”

Amaz C.

“Informing from an inspiring perspective!
This is a good set of interesting information for preteens and teens.”

Tom S.

” Tuttle Twins strikes gold again! All the Tuttle Twins books have the ability to take complex material and explain it in interesting and understandable terms. Always great stuff!”

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