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Christina R.

“We really enjoy the curriculum. I love the family conversation style. My husband and 18 year-old graduate participated in the conversations as well which I think is very enriching for my middle schoolers.”

Dani T.

“I bought the whole series for my second grade daughter to start teaching her concepts like economics, freedom, capitalism, and the dangers of leviathan power. This is an integral part of our homeschool curriculum, but I highly recommend the series for any parent who wants to ensure their child learns about critical concepts. Great counter to indoctrination of public schools.”


“The Tuttle Twins have given my kids a solid understanding of free markets and piqued their interest in things I wouldn’t think they would have been able to understand or even be interested in learning. These books are now a central part of our curriculum!”

Lisa L.

“We are using this curriculum in our homeschool and we LOVE it! It is very well designed and makes it simple to teach students of various ages at the same time. We have the Tuttle Twins books and we enjoy them. This curriculum, however, is FAR more extensive. I highly recommend!”

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