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Sebastian M.

“Amazing books! Bought these for my step daughter for back to school. It’s day two and she’s halfway through the first book!! She loves these! She’s 12 for context. Can’t go wrong!”

Kim E.

“This book is my favorite because it is about exploring and I love doing that and they run into a lot of problems but they get out of them somehow.”

Gene S.

“Must read! I read this book and enjoyed it very much. The concept of choosing your own path in the book took a bit of getting used to. Reread the book to make other choices and see the consequences. Read about the hyper inflation in Germany when I was in college, this book puts things in terms easier for a younger person to understand and grasp. Read the second book in the series and enjoyed that one too. Think I’ll also enjoy the third when I get there.”

Mere J.

“Enriching and educational books our kids need to read!
I highly recommend this book series! It’s great to have a series of books where the message is straightforward in its wholesome American-friendly morals and values. People in our society have become blind to what is true, good, and beautiful. Thank you Tuttle Twins for providing these positive and enriching stories!”

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