Why Toyota’s Alt-EV Course Makes Us All Better Off

Have you heard about the latest leap in automotive innovation from Toyota? Far from a breakthrough or new offering in the EV world, Toyota is charting an entirely new path.

And while I love my Tesla, I’m all about innovation and outside-the-box initiatives.

Toyota is flipping the script on emission reduction with the invention of an ammonia-powered engine.

Yep. Ammonia.

Ammonia (NH₃) is composed of nitrogen and hydrogen, and is commonly used in household cleaners and agricultural fertilizers. A key characteristic in this context is that it does not contain carbon, meaning its combustion does not directly produce carbon dioxide.

Note that while ammonia combustion does not produce CO₂, the production of ammonia and its use as a fuel can have other environmental impacts, including the production of nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are potential pollutants. That means that the environmental benefits of ammonia as a fuel would definitely depend on how the ammonia is produced and managed as a fuel source but still, this is a pretty cool innovation, and a great example of creative thinking—a new application of a familiar compound.

Toyota says their new engine significantly diminishes carbon emissions by as much as 90%. Pretty impressive!

Sure, there are challenges, and a lot of refining work no doubt still needs to happen, but just like Ethan and Emily learn in the Tuttle Twins books, challenges are the stepping stones to discovery. They prompt us to dig deeper, think creatively, and find solutions where others see obstacles.

It reminds me a little of the lessons in The Tuttle Twins and the Road to Surfdom where the twins learn that diversity of thought leads to better and more innovative outcomes than a centrally-planned path. Toyota’s invention of an alternative to EV tech is a testament to the power of varied, innovative thinking in business, and how it often leads to variety in the marketplace which ultimately benefits consumers.

And that’s what freedom is all about—providing options and trusting people to make informed decisions about what will best serve their unique needs.

What Toyota is doing with ammonia power is a lesson in looking beyond the conventional, in questioning the status quo, and in the relentless pursuit of better solutions. It’s a mindset that we foster in our books and curriculum where we encourage kids to think differently and to embrace the new and unknown.

Our future looks brighter when we raise a generation of kids who understand the value of questioning, the importance of diverse solutions, and the endless potential of human ingenuity.

If you’re ready to inspire your young innovators, I recommend a dive into the Tuttle Twins series for stories that spark curiosity and encourage entrepreneurial thinking.

Our future is brighter and more prosperous because of parents like you who are raising the next generation of big-dreamers and out-of-the-box thinkers.

Thanks for all you do!

— Connor

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