Why Do We Let the Media’s Fear Tactics Control Us

A member of my staff sent me this image the other day, and it could not be more relevant for the world we live in today. The image is a depiction of the media programming into their viewers’ minds the next narrative for them to be upset about or fearful of.

As small businesses have suffered, the media has profited hand over fist selling fear to the masses.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

One of the saddest things about the pandemic has been the divide it has created. Coronavirus itself has not created this divide, the media has.

With the narrative that those who choose not to wear masks or quarantine themselves are selfish people who are trying to kill grandmas, it’s not surprising that the population is starting to turn against each other.

Last week alone, videos surfaced of a lady being chased out of a grocery store by an angry mob for not wearing a mask, a man without a mask having water dumped on him while trying to buy groceries, and a woman screaming at a group of anti-lockdown protestors for not “properly social distancing.”

There is no room for debate or differing opinions. Your options are to live your life in fear or risk being ostracized or—worse—assaulted. It’s this desire to control other people that allows the tyranny we have been seeing for the past few months to continue.

They say, “Follow the science,” but there is no evidence to justify this level of outrage. Violence is not the answer, especially not for a virus that has an over 95% survival rate.

We’ve allowed our news and entertainment to be so obviously politicized by one side that they can push whatever narrative of control they choose to.

And if you don’t submit to their narrative, the “Karens” will report or assault you.

That is why I wrote the book Feardom, which explains how politicians and the media exploit fear to gain power and influence over people. Both groups are masters of using crises and our emotions to steal our liberties and increase their power over us.

In Feardom, I expose the patterns of behavior politicians and the media use to prey on us. You’ll also learn how to identify this behavior as a means of protecting yourself and your families. Unfortunately, our kids are also getting bombarded on all sides with socialist propaganda and fear-based media.

Which is why the Tuttle Twins are so important to every well-rounded child’s education. They break through and help children develop the ability to think for themselves.

Something many adults have lost the ability to do.

In The Tuttle Twins and the Fate of the Future, for example, the twins watch a dystopian film displaying a future full of coercion and realize they must work together to build a better society without forcing our ideas upon others. Because good ideas don’t require force.

With the prevailing attitude that people should be so heavily controlled, we should really be handing Tuttle Twins out at the supermarket…

– Connor

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