Why Are Socialists the Best Capitalists?

The heroine of the far-left has taken up a new cause this winter, selling overpriced anti-capitalist merchandise. Gross.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest fundraising scheme is to sell t-shirts and sweatshirts with different pro-socialism phrases.

You read that right. AOC is selling swag with catchy slogans like “Cancel Student Debt” and “Drink Water and Don’t Be Racist”—and you can purchase your very own “Tax the Rich” sweatshirt for the low price of $58.

Ironically, with AOC’s tax plan, anyone with an extra $60 to spend might as well be wearing a shirt that says, “Government, please take my money!”


Only a politician could have this complete lack of self-awareness.

The truth is, most people who hate capitalism have one thing in common—they don’t understand what capitalism is. Capitalism is just the voluntary exchange of goods and services, and I don’t see any reason for anyone to hate that!

Unfortunately, explaining this to someone who insists on buying themselves an “AOC + ME” t-shirt feels about as useless as the Congresswoman’s economics degree.

Over this past year, politicians have made it clear that “what’s good for me is not for thee.” Personally, I do not want that same sentiment to spread to the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers and job creators. We should encourage this behavior, not increase taxes on people who acquire a level of success with it.

When politicians make policies that hurt the free market, then participate in the same system that they bash, they show us the real problem.

They don’t hate the free market. They don’t hate the voluntary exchange of goods and services. They do dislike competition in the marketplace, and this flawed line of thinking quickly leads to cronyism.

That’s why it’s best to get a head start explaining these economic principles to your kids.

The Tuttle Twins And The Miraculous Pencil explains what the free market is and why it is important. (Also how goods like AOC’s sweatshirt are made and how capitalism makes that possible!)

Not only should we teach our kids about the benefits of a free market, but also the dangers of socialism. That is why I created a great resource for parents, my e-book Subtle Ways our Kids are Taught to Embrace Socialism. It teaches parents how to recognize the subtle ways the ideas of socialism are being reinforced directly to your children.

My goal is to educate my children in a way that when they become young adults, they will wear “Legalize Freedom” hoodies instead of ones that say “Tax the Rich.”

That’s what I call #parentgoals.



Want More?

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Textbooks don’t teach this; schools don’t mention it.

It’s up to you—and our books can help. Check out the Tuttle Twins books to see if they’re a fit for your family!