What’s the Difference Between US and Chinese Media?

If there’s one thing state-sponsored media can’t stand, it’s when people tell the truth.

For decades, The New York Times, NPR, and other so-called “trusted sources” have enjoyed a reputation in the mainstream as being reliable, unbiased, and generally trustworthy. Of course there have always been those of us who have looked with skepticism at all media outlets, but I’ll admit that most people saw these sources as at least mostly serious.

Today, NPR and it’s affiliated journalists are in full meltdown mode because Twitter added a “US State-affiliated Media” tag to their profile.

I’m gonna have to side with Elon here. I mean, where’s the lie?

In the years since the boldness with which so-called experts in government, media, healthcare, education, and nearly every other area exercised previously unfathomable power over the daily lives of citizens around the globe in response to a virus, people from across the political spectrum have realized just how captured our institutions are.

When was the last time you saw a “reputable” news source report on the Biden administration in a critical way? With stories daily of government support for limiting fundamental rights in the name of equity, diversity, inclusion, and safety, the proverbial noose certainly seems to be tightening on those who want to speak, or read, the truth.

We are living in an era of naked emperors, and I support any effort to point and laugh by those who refuse to play along with the charade.
I’m reminded of the story of a Chinese man talking to his American friend. The American asks his friend what it was like to live amongst so much state-sponsored propaganda. The Chinese man laughs and replies, “The difference between Chinese people and Americans is that the Chinese all KNOW that their media is run by the state.”
Ouch. But also, yeah.
Our kids are growing up in a world where lies are sold as truth, good is presented as evil, and evil as good, and home and family are under relentless attack.
It’s easy to see the our plight as hopeless, but I’m not so sure.
Maybe it’s my unapologetic capitalist side speaking here, but what I’ve learned in my many years as an author, activist, and entrepreneur is that every collapse provides an opportunity for something new, and better, to emerge.
The events of last few years have pulled back the curtain on many of the institutions that we once trusted and even respected. The revealed filth has been hard to see, but in many ways, people have benefitted.
Parents got a pretty shocking look into their kids classrooms during the lockdowns of 2020, but that resulted in a massive exodus from public school and into alternative education for thousands of kids.
Trust in medical professionals has been shaken with the botched handling of covid-19, the lack of transparency in the vaccine rollout and potential harms versus benefits, and the politicization of various early treatments and therapeutics. But a lot of people have taken renewed responsibility for their health and wellness—committing to weight loss, kicking unhealthy habits, and learning to seek second opinions and alternative answers to their health concerns.
What will emerge as more people realize that US media isn’t all that different from Chinese media after all? I don’t know, but I’m willing to bet it will be good.
I’m always here to root for market disruptors. After all, that’s what the Tuttle Twins books have always been.
Before us, there wasn’t a resource for parents to teach their kids these important lessons about government, free market economics, natural law, and the freedoms and liberties that they should see as theirs to protect and defend.
Our kids books, history curriculum, and magazine are just a few of the tools parents are using to inoculate their kids against the state-sponsored charlatans and the lies they tell.
We’re creative destroyers of mainstream indoctrination and filth, and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.
Join us. We’re going to win.
— Connor

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