What’s a “Liberal World Order” Anyway?

This week, a White House official named Brian Deese appeared on CNN.

As a top economic advisor to Joe Biden, Deese found himselfperhaps unexpectedlyin the hot seat over America’s astronomical cost of living. (I mean… how bad do things have to be for CNN to critically question a Democrat?!)

“What do you say to those families who say ‘look, we can’t afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years?’” the host asked.

Deese responded, “Look, this is about the future of the liberal world order and we must stand firm…” He then continued to give the most pathetic defense of the current economic situation I’ve heard in a hot minute.

While I could wax poetic (as I often do) about the decades of corruption and disastrous policy that brought us to where we are today, I want to focus on the whole “liberal world order” part of Deese’s appearance.

Most beltway political types would tell you that this phrase is nothing to be afraid ofthat it merely means the tradition of economic and personal liberty shared by much of the world since the end of World War II.

Here’s the thing, though: a little historical context doesn’t make those words any less creepy to hear from the highest levels of our government.

For starters, you and I don’t have a responsibility to uphold any “global order” simply by virtue of being Americans… Especially not by paying crazy gas prices and suffering the inflation crisis of a lifetime.

Thomas Massie recently said,“Inflation is the tax collector for the liberal world order.” And boy, do I agree with him.

Our rulers are attempting to use global politics to cover up the consequences of decades of enabling a leviathan government via currency manipulation. And now that inflation is finally catching up? It’s our patriotic duty to grin and bear it, whether at the grocery store or the gas station.

The assumption that every one of us should be personally invested (literally!) in a global push for the  “common good” isn’t just silly; it’s incredibly arrogant.

Here’s a hard truth nobody wants to face: it doesn’t matter how noble or righteous a “world order” may seem in its mission. Over history, attempts to homogenize the planet in culture, thinking, and governance have proven naive at best and tragic at worst.

Just ask a Dutch farmer… Or a Canadian trucker. Or a French yellow vest.

Our Founders understood how easily people could be corrupted by power. It’s why they put their lives on the line to create a country where the government would be limited by its citizens, rather than the other way around.

An understanding of individual rights should be fundamental to any education, but unfortunately, it’s been overlooked in our schooling system. This is a large part of why I first became interested in writing children’s books: without teaching the next generation our history, we’re doomed to repeat the worst of it.

I don’t want to raise kids who fall for the shallow deception of politicians, and I know I’m not alone: the millions of parents who’ve purchased Tuttle Twins books give me hope that our best days can be ahead.

When we use engaging stories featuring real-life facts, we can empower our kids to see the world with clear eyes.

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