A few months ago, the Tuttle Twins team filmed a new social media ad.

In it, a young boy in a soviet-esque fur hat spits communist talking points in a fake Russian accent. His mother bemoans the indoctrination of kids with far-left ideology and talks about how great the Tuttle Twins books are at teaching kids the ideas that matter.

The goal of the campaign was to be funny… Of course, every good joke has some truth behind it.

Perhaps that’s why thousands of people on what I like to call hammer-and-sickle-Twitter got really, really worked up over our little video.

Over the past two weeks, clips of the ad have been circulated by various left-wing accounts. As they made the rounds, the discourse ranged from rude to downright abhorrent and unrepeatable.

But apparently trash-talking us on social media wasn’t enough.

Since our ad campaign started getting blowback, our Google reviews have been swarmed with filthy, incoherent diatribes. Judging by when they started appearing, one can reasonably assume these were written by the angry socialists from Twitter and their “community organizing” friends.

This is a family-friendly newsletter, so I can only show you a few of the comments… Even reading just the PG-rated ones, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve struck a nerve.


No word yet on if any potential customers of ours have decided to donate to the Democratic Socialists of America instead… And at least that last guy admitted he hasn’t read the books.

Now for the good news: while having our reviews spammed with vulgar garbage is extremely frustrating, it shows exactly why these books are important.

One of the hallmarks of Marxism is intolerance for dissenting viewpoints.

This is because an authoritarian government can’t survive when people are able to freely criticize how bad things are—or, in the case of our books, how bad they could be.

At the end of the day, this blowback just tells me that we need to keep fighting for these ideas, keep writing Tuttle Twins books, and yes… keep recording silly ads to help us reach new families.

The more the socialists try to ridicule us, the more proof we have that what we’re doing is working.

But since we still have a lot of people to reach, I have a huge favor to ask.

If you’ve ever bought one of our books and have something positive to say, I would love it if you could leave us a positive review on Google. This will help us cut through the noise of this opposition hit job, and keep reaching kids with the ideas of freedom.

Not to try and tempt you or anything, but I have a feeling some positive reviews would make the Twitter commies pretty mad…